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KCS S-8802
  • KCS S-8802

KCS S-8802

KCS S-8802 3-vägs Scenhögtalare
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KCS S-8802 three-way speaker systems has been enhanced for the 
screen channel in large theaters ; its 47 cm depth makes it especially 
suitable where there is a space limitation behind the projection screen.

The KCS S-8802 (triamplified) speaker system is designed to operate
with external active crossovers to cut frequencies both between 
the low and mid ranges (400 Hz) and between the mid and high ranges 
(1.3 kHz).

The high dynamics demanded to screen channel speaker systems by
current soundtracks requires the use of three-way systems in order to
ensure high SPL levels in the auditorium while keeping distortion at 
inaudible levels.

Each of the three ways is controlled by transducers which are
specifically designed to operate in the required frequency range and 
ensure a precise and distortion-free reproduction.

This system features a bass cabinet with direct radiation technology
fitted with two 15” Ø speakers.

Voice spectrum in this three-way design is reproduced by two 6.5”
cone speakers and 90º x 30º constant dispersion horns, 
improving intelligibility
of dialogues as compared to conventional two-way 
speaker systems.

The High-Frequency section has been enhanced with high SPL and
low distortion compression driver with a 3” Ø Titanium and a newly 
designed 90º x 40º constant directivity horn giving the most natural 
sound experience.

Three-way screen channel cinema sound system enhanced for
large capacity theaters


1990 mm
630 mm
470 mm
74,8 kg
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