NEC NC2000C DLP ® 
Digital Cinema Projector.
Delivering exceptional image quality, 
brightness, resolution, contrast and
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  • Bring Your Establishment Into The IT Age -

    easy distribution of movies and media with copyright and licensing management together with simple and advanced management of new latest IT format.

  • Enjoy Lower TCO -

    with easy servicing, more durable components and advanced servicing options. You can enjoy better quality imaging whilst experiencing an overall lower cost of ownership.

  • Generate Greater Per Seat Revenue -

    achieve additional income from showing higher quality, more entertaining media and arranging alternative sports, broadcast and education media during off-peak operational times.

  • Play Captivating 3D Content -

    take your establishment into the next generation and stay ahead of the competition with the latest digital content, an increasingly essential element of the latest movies and media.



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